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About Amelie Jewelry

My Design, Your Style

At Amelie Jewelry, you can find an array of exciting and sophisticated fashion accessories, exquisitely designed and individually handcrafted to the finest detail by our designer to match your unique personality.

Amelie Jewelry started in Hong Kong in 2002. Prior to that, our designer Bryan Chan has been in the fashion and jewelry business for over 20 years with an exciting career spanning from working with top local fashion designers to costume design and fashion magazine styling. Bryan strongly believes that an exclusive piece of jewelry not only accessorizes and complements fashion, but also serves as a center piece of attraction. His collection is a showcase of endless creativity, emphasis on individuality and attention to detail, marrying beautiful crystals and chic materials with eclectic creativity to create refined pieces with a hint of tribal undertone. 

Amelie Jewelry offers a wide range of stunning and and exquisite fashion accessories that are highly affordable and can complement every girl’s wardrobe, enhancing your wardrobe essentials to dazzling “of-the-moment” looks.

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